Sunday, December 7, 2008

Exercise over the holidays/2009 goal

Hey everyone! Nikki here. This is my first ever blog post and  I figured it's probably about time.  We went home back to Nebraska over Thanksgiving.  It was great to be home to visit everyone and see family and friends we haven't seen in months.  

One thing I noticed, though, when we got back to Nashville, I felt really sluggish and it was hard for me to get my mind and body back into my workout routine.  I'm sure many others have felt this way about the holidays and being around all that wonderful food and possibly alcohol.  Not to mention the fast food we ate on the drive there and home.  Mark and I made sure to workout while we were home and I don't think our workouts were even that bad.  I just think my body was not used to some of the stuff I was putting into it.  

Sometimes when we go on vacation it tends to be a free for all and we have a hard time sticking to our diets.  We still work out, but we don't eat (or drink) that great.  That's going to be my big goal for 2009.  We like to travel a lot so I'm sure we'll be doing some of that next year. I really want us to focus on trying to enjoy the food and drink of different locations but to not go overboard.  

My first test at this will be when we go home for Christmas.  We are going to be home for about a week.  Our plan is to bring along healthier foods for the car ride and then hit the grocery store for meals during the week.   It's the holidays, so I'm a firm believer in at least enjoying a little bit of the good stuff around you, just as long as you don't overindulge.  If I want a Christmas cookie, I'm going to have it. I'm just not gonna have 5 of them!  And I'm going to make sure to keep my workouts consistent as they have been.  We've been making such progress over the past few months and I want to make sure that we keep that consistency going over Christmas break.  It's going to be a great time to see family and friends but not an excuse to eat junk for a week!  

If anyone has any helpful hints they use while traveling, I'd love to hear them!

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