Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ab Training

Great post by Charles Staley on Abdominal Training

  • Having A 6-Pack Is About Diet, Not Training
    You can train abs, all abs, nothing but abs, all the time, and still not have a six pack UNLESS- and here's the kicker- unless you're below 10% bodyfat. And probably you'll need to be below 8% bodyfat. The truth is you already have abs- you just can't see them.
    Now of course, you can drop bodyfat through training as well, but not "ab training per se:" instead, focus your efforts on challenging the largest possible muscle groups. My favorites include heavy weight circuits including a mix of Olympic lifts, power lifts, and strongman lifts.

  • The Main Function Of Your Abs Is Not Force Production
    Although the abdominal muscles can and do function to flex and rotate the trunk, I'd argue that their primary function is to prevent unwanted motion. Specifically, strong abs help to protect the spine in two ways:
    1) They create intra-abdominal pressure which helps to counteract compressive forces resulting from axial loading (e.g., squats, deadlifts)
    2) They help to prevent forces that take the spine out of its preferred neutral position. More on this in the second installment next week….

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  1. I love that you can train and get abs and not have to do a single crunch, or even cardio for that matter. good luck with the lifts!


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