Monday, October 27, 2008

Uncomplicated Dieting

Are all of you confused with all these different rules and regulations you have to go by to diet correctly? Want something a bit easier? I am going by a simple 4 rule system and it is paying off very well. I weighed in at 200 pounds this morning and am well on my way to breaking below the "mendoza line" sort of speaking. What is even better is I measured out on my body impedance scale at 19% body fat. I have not broken 20% since high school. Okay now back to the rules.

  1. With those 5-6 meals per day make sure you are eating a vegetable (or fruit but not all the time) and a protein source with every meal.

  2. Limit your carbohydrate intake (don't count veggies) to first thing in the morning and right after your workout, that is really when your body needs them the most and utilizes them in a very good way.

  3. Of those 42 meals you are supposed to eat every week (6 meals per day X 7 days) you are allowed to cheat 10% of the time. This gives you 4 meals per week to have a little fun.

  4. SLOW DOWN! (My biggest problem). Enjoy your food! If you are using one of those cheat meals then enjoy every little bite and chew! This will allow you to get full faster and you end up enjoying one brownie instead of 3!

There is no way you should count calories and do all that other crap if you cannot adhere to these simple rules. Then once you get really good at these rules and are still not getting the results you want, then you can get more detailed. A food and workout journal still helps to see if you are taking to these rules, but you don't need to get detailed unless you like it that way.

Hope this helps everyone. Comment back or email us at if you have any questions or concerns.


  1. I think counting calories is the best way to do it. I hear stories about all these whacky diets, and the easiest one is cutting cals and exercise. I am using the daily plate at and it has been helping out big time.

  2. Counting calories can help, don't get me wrong. But many people have problems with constantly counting calories all day. If a person can't even have a lean protein and a vegetable with every meal then they are already behind the eight ball a bit sort of speaking.

    I would rather have someone stick to very simple good rules and if they do not get the results that they want after 4 weeks, then they can begin to count calories. By all means keep up the good work.


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