Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kettlebell Bootcamp #2

Kettlebell bootcamp #2, 40 minutes and 480 calories later.

Heart rate got up to 178. We performed only two exercises today and I felt like Nik and I just worked out for 3 hours non stop. We practiced two of the very foundational movements. The Turkish Get Up and the KB swing.

We practiced with no weight first to get the get up technique correct. We only did a "half get up" today and stopped at our half kneeling position and did not get to full standing. Then we did a half get up with weight, then brought our feet inline with each other and did a kettlebell press 3 times. What a difficult thing it was to have such a narrow base and keep your core stabilized while you press. Then we would go back down and do the other side. Did that 3 rounds each side.

Next we did a partner swing ladder. Nikki would swing a 16kg kettlebell 10 times and drop, then I would swing a 24kg 10 times and drop. Then 15 swings, then 20 swings and then repeated another round until 15 minutes was up. I had to move to 16kg halfway through due to the fact I thought that I was doing the technique wrong>

David is great at instruction and stated that I still need to work on bending my knees less and flexing my hips more. Nikki is a natural at the swing. I am very jealous.

He also showed us a way to improve our turkish get up. Balance a water bottle or a shoe on your fist hand instead of a kettlebell. Try to perform a half or a full get up without the shoe/bottle falling off your fist. I tell you what I can't do a watter bottle but can barely do a shoe. Great core exercise.

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