Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Have you found your "AHA" moment when working out?

All of you have had trouble with something, be it work, homework, maybe a problem you just can't seem to solve.  Then ,magically, all of a sudden the stars align and you get your AHA! moment where you find the answer.   Have you ever had one when working out?

I have been working with a nice woman who has knee pain every time she runs and hikes.  She is in very good shape and even participates in aerobics classes at the YMCA.  The funny thing is she has NO knee pain when she participates in her "pump" classes.

On her functional movement screen ( it showed that she has weakness in anterior and rotational stability.  We have been working on that in therapy but over time when she begins to get tired and low and behold her knee pain returns.  

Then the AHA moment appeared out of the blue when I gave just the right cue to get her to "brace" her abdominals.  I told her to pull her sternum towards her pubic bone (thanks for the cue David Whitley!), and hold her abdominals tight like if someone was going to punch her in the stomach.  Then she said a big "Ohhhhhh, I know what you mean!" and then proceeded to perform 30 non stop lunges on one side and another 30 non stop lunges on her other side, PAIN FRICKIN FREE I TELL YA!  

I just love those moments.   Especially when I can help make them happen.

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