Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday workout 4/13/09

Nikki and I do not go to bootcamp on Mondays but we make it a habit to get a good 20-30 min workout in on Monday morning to get our week headed in the right direction. Simple and to the point really.

  • General Warm Up (I usually use the foam roller/tennis ball and work out any knots I may have from last weeks training, today was the upper traps and my hip flexors)
  • Alternating heavy turkish get ups with 1 windmill at the top of each get up, alternating sides for 10 minutes (I ended up doing 4 each side)
  • Followed with a 25 seconds on/15 seconds off of the following
  1. Overhead kettlebell sit up
  2. Push ups
  3. Thoracic rotation with kettlebell
  4. V-Ups
  5. Reverse plank bridge
  6. Mountain Climbers
  • Perform for 2 rounds.

Reverse plank bridge performed by Michael Boyle

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