Monday, April 13, 2009

Michael Boyle Training the Baby Boomer

Little video posted by Michael Boyle who is the strength coach to the NCAA Champion Boston University Hockey Team. Michael also owns his own sports conditioning facility in the Boston, MA area. He trains elite athletes to 8th graders to baby boomers. He shows a great example of the type of strength anyone can show if they progress in the right manner and stop saying "I can't do that!" Michael also has a podcast that you can download on Apple called strengthcoach podcast.

This is what Mike wrote on his blog about the above video.

Baby Boomer 1 Leg Squats

The video below shows one of my clients doing what we refer to as a static unsupported one leg squat. The client pictured is 61 years old. I love to show theses videos to demonstrate what great shape people can get in. Yes, I know that depth and back position could be a little better but, when you see this degree of strength and stability in an older client it is encouraging. All too often we set the bar way too low for our clients. I am conservative in my exercise choices and loads but, will progress a client when I think it is safe and beneficial. The external load is 30 lbs. consisting of a 20 lb weight vest and 5 lb dumbbells. The dumbbells act as a counterbalance to allow the client to sit back and also also encourage some thoracic extension.

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  1. Staying in shape to look good is great. But I like the fact that I can walk and run and have a fair amount of upper body strength...and also wear the same size all my adult life...


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