Friday, August 8, 2008

Starting from Scratch

You need to start anew with your workout plan? Start simple and work to complex is the key. Start with a plan and see it through for 4 weeks, then re-evaluate your plan and mix it up for another 4 wks after that.

Get yourself into good habits

1. planning and preparing meals for the week ahead of time

2. getting yourself on a food journal, check

3. schedule your lifting and cardio days with your work schedule

This makes it easy to get on track. Begin your strength training by working on some foundational strength, especially if you have had injuries in the past or more importantly, want to prevent injuries in the future. This will be very important in the beginning of a program so you can perform more strenuous lifts later on down the line which will allow you to reach those big goals you have (lose fat, gain strength, gain muscle).

Foundational strength is crucial and is not machine lifts! These are exercises that help to improve your posture and technique and work various stabilizing muscles in the body that can sometimes fall asleep on you when you need them most. In the upcoming weeks I will give you my top 5 foundational exercises for you to try in the gym or at home. Until then, get working on that Nutrition!

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