Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Improve your mood instantly

My little mood enhancer (my niece, ain't she cute!)

One thing that I learned from watching "The Secret" and listening to the "Masters of the Secret Podcast" is that you can make your day as enjoyable as you want it to be. For example: If something happens, say you get cut off in traffic, two things can happen:

  1. you can curse the drivers name, honk the horn, flip the driver the bird, and etc OR

  2. you can shrug your shoulders and laugh out loud because you have probably cut someone off in your lifetime as well

The first decision may be the domino effect to a rotten day. The second could be the start of a beautiful day. Here are some pointers that "I try" to use every day.

  • Tell yourself in the morning when you head out that you are going to try and make a positive effect on everyone you come into contact with. (Remember the movie, pay it forward?) It makes your day way more enjoyable, and it could be the difference between those people having a good or bad day. (It can catch like a cold!)
  • Instead of complaining of people and their faults (everyone has faults) try and concentrate on their strengths, what things they do well. Then those faults don't seem like that big of a deal
  • Laugh way more than you already do, laughter is contagious and feels way better than complaining.

Believe me it will put a more positive spin on things during your day and make your life, your workouts, your day way more enjoyable! Have fun!

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