Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Love yourself

I have exercised, lifted, dieted, and taken supplements when I was an athlete in high school and college and now as an individual for almost 20 years now. At some time during my quest for the ultimate body, I felt that I always would hit a wall and could never get the results I wanted. If I did get some results, then they were short lived. I would get so frustrated with myself, I would look in the mirror and see someone I did not like very much. I hated the way I looked and I hated the way I felt...

Then, I read the book and watched the DVD titled "The Secret". I finally figured out that I was surrounding myself with way too much negativity, I was being too hard on myself and I was blaming others for my misfortunes as well. I realized I was working very hard on the physical me but not the emotional me.

I believe the point is true that no one will ever love you for who truly are until you love yourself first. Instead of pointing out all of your faults, point out your positive points (what you are good at). Put a positive spin on things and situations. Don't sweat the small little things in life that piss us off. I realized that you cannot be negative all the time. Make a point to have a positive effect on your life and the lives of others and your life will feel way more fulfilled. Then working out, eating right and/or getting those injured areas back to healthy is just icing on the cake.

So work on the physical and the emotional you (you will see better benefits if you tackle these together). Forgive yourself for your mistakes in the past and forgive others for the emotional scars that have been made on your heart and let them heal. Enjoy life for every minute that you have it, live for the now and not the future. You will thank me for it.

Now that you love yourself the journey can truly begin and it is going to be one wild ride!

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