Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Greetings to SGHP!

First of all we are extremely excited to post the very first blog for Snow-Gargano Human Performance. Nikki and I are sooooo excited to get started telling everyone all that we know about in one of the most important things in everyones life, their human performance. We could have called is sports performance since I have a background in getting athletes to perform better in their field of play, but that would take out so much of us that just want to live our lives healthier.

This blog spot is for everyone out their that wants to improve or maintain their quality of life. Whether it be the individual that wants to be able to go for walks, garden and play with their grandchildren to those individuals who need help training for triathlons and half marathons. Whether it is that young athlete who wants to train for an upcoming high school basketball season or the recreational athlete that wants to get prepared for a fun and injury free coed softball season. This is for everyone that wants to learn more about injury prevention, rehabilitation, fitness for all ages, sports medicine, athletic injuries, nutrition, recipes and so much more!

Nikki and I will post (at least weekly) cool information to all of you. And without further blabbing my me (Mark), WELCOME TO SGHP!

PS. I want to thank my BEAUTIFUL wife Nikki for giving me the idea for our blog! (she is such an inspiration! "moment")

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