Friday, August 15, 2008

Michael Phelps

He has been the all the rage for the USA this olympics with his dominance. Did you know that before the 2004 olympic games that he never did any type of weight training. I watched a very good video on him before the olympics began about the fact that he began weight training for this upcoming olympics. No one thought that Michael could get any better then he added weight training. Now he is smashing records very easily. I am not saying that weight training is the only reason that he is outperforming even himself but I would like to think that it plays a part. Now if we could only get him working on his nutrition! Maybe next olympics...

This proves that anyone who wants to get better at anything (examples: marathons, biking, hiking, gardening, softball, volleyball, walking, injury prevention, and etc) would benefit from some sort of weight training. All they need is the right program and the correct technique and they are on their way to a more productive life.

ESPN's OTL on Phelps

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