Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sports Specific Movement?

Nikki and I did a "core" talk for a Vanderbilt Athletic Trainers camp. The attendees were all high school kids and I was very much amazed by how much they already know about movement.

We spoke about what is the core, what it entails and the main function of the core. These kids all picked up very quickly. We spoke about the crunch and the plank and the difference between the two. We talked about how important it is to train, not only the front of the core, but the lateral sides as well as the backside.

At the end of the day alot of the questions were asked about, "I am in this sport" what should I do? It is pretty simple actually. The majority of sports all have the same fundamental movement patterns. EVERYONE should train the squat, the deadlift, the lunge, the push up, the pull up, some type of vertical press and some type of horizontal pull.

You should train what you are not good at and maintain the movements that you have already mastered. Simple as that.


  1. Right on Mark! So many kids and their parents feel that they need sport specific strength and conditioning. I argue that there is not such a thing. Anyone sell a "Kettlebell for Baseball" DVD is full of it and mostly just taking advantage. Do sport specific skill drilling not strength and conditioning.

  2. What is the best exercise for baseball: swings and getups, how about football? swings and getups. You get the idea.


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