Saturday, June 20, 2009

Born to Run, A book by Christopher McDougall

You need to check out this book by Chris McDougall. Heard about it from Gray Cook on Amazing stuff. If you are a runner, you must watch this video and check out the book. It is only 15 dollars on amazon!


  1. Mark, I've read this stuff for a while now and am trying to save up for some Vibram 5 Fingers, Newtons, or Nike Frees. My only concern is the nagging sesamoid in my right foot, where I had a stress fracture. It still occasionally bothers me, and I'm nervous about running too much without some cushioning in that spot. I'd have to work on the transition very gradually... Thanks for the post.

  2. Ashley,

    Thanks for the comment!

    If you have sufferred from a seasmoid stress fracture the first thing I would look at is the way you stand and walk and see if you do both with the effected foot pointing outward. This would put more stress on the seasmoid. Consider getting a Functional Movement Screen and see if you have any imbalances that have lead to the stress fracture.

    I probably would also suggest to begin by checking out the nike free selection. They have different types from 3.0-7.0 in running shoes which allows various degrees of freedom.

  3. Mark,

    Great post! I've been doing much of my lower body training bare foot for nearly a year and have less injuries, aches, pains and bigger lifts. Bare foot or nearly "bare foot" is a great way to train!

    Also Nike has a pair of frees' out that are based on their Sparq line. This shoes is very similar to the old 7.0 Trainer that was unfortunately discontinued. I grabbed a pair about a month ago and so far I've been very happy with these new shoes.

    Very solid info!

  4. Great post Aaron! I own a pair of nike sparq frees as well as the vibrams and love both of them. If some people are a little skeptical about going into vibrams right off the bat then the nike free line is a great way to go. I plan on using both of them in my RKC training.


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