Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Core Values

Absolutely terrific video by the New York Times and Dr. Stuart McGill. Author of Low Back Disorders: Evidence-Based Prevention and Rehabilitation & Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance. You can check out the article here. Also check out Dr. McGill's website at


  1. Hi Mark. Though the lumbar spine would be spared, would that 'curl up' alter neck/shoulder muculature mechanics?
    I am interested to know how McGill's work is perceived these days, as there is now much suggestion within the fitness community (particularly RKC) that the 'inner core' is far more important than the muscles trained with side bridges, planks etc which do not take into account the reactive nature of the core and can simply be muscled through.

  2. The "curl up" mechanics all depends on the technique involved if you ask my opinion. If done correctly then I think it is fine, if not and it the hand is used to push against the head then we could have problems.

    McGill's work is well perceived in the strength and conditioning community. I would really like to have more PT's and ATC's read his books.

    McGill and Pavel both regard of each other in their books about the importance of a neutral posture of the spine, using the hips to provide driving force and power.

    The RKC teaches the kettlebell swing as being a "moving plank". I believe that the RKC and McGill all agree that ALL of the surrounding musculature of the spine must work in unison to provide a stable spine.

  3. Thanks. Discussions about the core have raged on for years now, from 'bracing vs hollowing' and now to this concept of the inner core. I find them very interesting.
    And it is good to see that McGill and Pavel recognise each other in their books.


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