Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quest for RKC-Week 3 and 4 of 16

This past week has been a tough one to stay on track with the Memorial Holiday and all. Overall we are staying on track but hitting some mild speed bumps along the way.

Nikki is killing the snatch numbers but is still tearing up her hands a bit come the 8 minute mark of a 10 minute snatch test. I am still having trouble snatching cleanly on my left side. We both are continually trying to improve our clean and press. Dave Whitley was so gracious as to help us to work on our clean and press this past Memorial Day. Emphasis for us: keep the elbow tight to the body and remember, IT IS ALL ABOUT THE HIPS!

We made it to 3 bootcamps this past week which we were introduced to the rope mixed in with some kettlebell swings. We were able to work up to 3 ladders of 4 rungs each side with the clean and press as well.

All in all a good week, but we have some cleaning up to do. For me, I am going to concentrate on improving my grip strength and hip and shoulder mobility on the L side to help with my snatches.

All and all a good week 3.

Now here's week 4:

Nikki here. We did the 10 min snatch on Monday. I got to 208 with a 16kg which I was pretty excited about. We had bootcamp on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday we worked on the rope again, did some split squats, pushups, things of that nature. Wednesday nights class was pretty fun. We have a new guy in class and Dave was nice enough to let me try to teach him the TGU to gain some experience. I think I did okay and Dave and Mark helped me out and gave me some good feedback. After the TGU's, we did a 5 min snatch test. I had my hands taped up from Mondays snatch test and I kept the tape on...bad idea. I TORE up the side of my hand because it kept rubbing. You live and learn, right?! Haha...I know that I won't be able to tape for RKC but I think I'll be alright. I got to 129 and Mark got 119, so we are feeling pretty good about our snatch numbers. We are taking the weekend off since we've been going hard for quite some time and to give ourselves a little time to recover (and for my hand to heal up!). We'll get back on track come Monday. We did some FMS screening Saturday on ourselves, another RKC hopeful and her husband, a RKC. Next weekend we are doing a core presentation for some high school athletes, so that will be another good teaching experience for us.

We are experimenting with some new recipes from the Precision Nutrition cookbook and we'll get some of those posted up here pretty soon. Off to go eat some right now....

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