Monday, July 20, 2009

Terrific Weekend in Nashville

Nikki and I had a most incredible weekend. The weather was absolutely beautiful and I am happy to say that we took full advantage of it.

Saturday started of at 6am with our RKC prep workout with Kristen and Matt. Nikki was in charge of the workout this week and she had a terrific workout planned for us.

  • 5 min snatch test with RKC test weight

  • Clean and Press ladder of 5x3 with 2/2 clean and squats between ladders

  • Finished with alternating double swings (varied weights) and burpees 35 seconds on/20 seconds rest. 4 rounds of swings with 4 rounds of burpees in between

Terrific workout. Then I was off to shower and then to work. Not much going on today in the VOI so I got caught up on some paperwork, cleaned up the facility, spoke to the members and even got to wii bowl with one of the members for fun! (Thanks Deb!)

After work Nikki and I walked around Hillsboro village for a while to check out some things. Then went to Tabouleh for a wonderful Mediterranean lunch. I have never had Mediterranean before but it was wonderful! We finished off the afternoon with a movie (watched the proposal). Very funny and I enjoyed Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds (my favorite actor).

Sunday was supposed to be a moderate day for Rite of Passage with swings and presses but Nikki and I just weren't feeling it. We decided after breakfast that we needed to have some fit fun. So we went to the sand volleyball court and just played for an hour. Played pepper, played serve and receive, even set and spiked a bit. Got a great sweat and were pretty winded by the time we were done. We even challenged each other to 3 shoe getups each side as well as tried some farmers walks, rack walks and overhead walks with a light kettlebell in the sand. Very challenging.

Then off to Costco to pick up the majority of our groceries and then Whole foods for samples and some fruits and vegetables. Decided to get some poolside time in for an hour where Nikki read "Born to Run" by Chris McDougall and I listened to a StrengthCoach Podcast.

We finished the afternoon with cooking. We made oatmeal cherry protein bars (recipe coming soon), pumpkin pie protein bars, quinoa salad, turkey burgers, & quinoa pasta with vegetables and chicken meatballs. I am very much looking forward to enjoying my meals this week!

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