Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness Workout

I was fortunate enough to have the morning off of work today and have a perfect opportunity to watch some of the March Madness. I got my brackets beside me, my highlighter and pen in hand, fresh veggies & hummus for my snack and my Diet Mountain Dew.
For those of you who were fortunate enough to take the day off the next few days to watch some basketball I have a suggestion for you. Why not get a workout in during commercial breaks?

Here are some suggestions. You all know how much of a kettlebell junkie I am, but I have not converted all of you yet. So this workout will be bodyweight only.

1. 5 push ups
-not good at push ups? Then perform push ups elevated against the couch

2. 5 supine bridges (double or single)
-squeeze glutes!, if doing single leg do 5 each side

3. 5 door rows
-wrap a towel around a sturdy door, bend knees, place feet flat on ground and perform a row to the door.

4. 5 couch squats
-feet straight and shoulder width apart, stand up and squeeze glutes as hard as you can, then reach back with weight on heels and lower hips back to couch (try to keep shins vertical), reset and repeat.

Repeat that circuit until the basketball is back on. Getting tired or form is getting sloppy? Then take a break!

Perform that 1 time through for 6 commercial breaks that will be 30 reps of each!

Enjoy the tourney everyone! I am currently working on the workout portion of exercise for runners.

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