Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Healthy Flat Bread Pizza Recipe

Recipe of the Week: Flatbread Pizza!

Come on! Everyone loves pizza, just not the feeling you get afterwards when all that grease has hit you full force. My wife Nikki and I LOVE pizza and have found a way we can have it and keep it delicious and healthy.


Naan Flatbread (can be found at Costco or Harris Teeter

Breakfast Turkey Sausage-1oz

Lean Turkey Burger-3oz

Turkey Pepperoni-9 pieces

Green Pepper-1/8 cup

Red Onion-1/8 cup

Spaghetti Sauce-1 tbsp

Olive Oil Spray

Begin by preheating the oven to 375. Next bring a medium to large pan up to medium heat and brown your turkey sausage and turkey burger. Feel free to add any type of seasoning that you love.

Next pull out a pan and take one of the Naan Flatbreads and spray both sides with olive oil spray (I find that the sprays are cheaper than true olive oil and this is a good way to keep the calories from the olive oil down a little? then place them on the pan. Add a spoonful of spaghetti sauce and rub it all over the flatbread until it covers the majority of the flatbread. You can use as much as you feel is necessary. Then cover your flatbread with as many toppings as you would like. Nikki and I usually use about 4 oz of the turkey sausage/burger mix, 10 turkey pepperoni and then stack the rest of the pizza with the onion and green pepper. Sometimes we use broccoli or green beans as well. Then cover with 1 oz of mozzarella cheese and place in the oven for 10 minutes. One thing we love to do is after 10 minutes we then broil the pizza for another couple minutes so that the cheese and bread get a little brown.

Then pull out of the oven and enjoy!

The beautiful thing is that you can make any type of pizza you would like. Like Mexican pizza? Add taco seasoning to the meat and replace your spaghetti sauce with salsa and fat free refried beans. Want a barbecue pizza? Then replace your tomato sauce for barbecue sauce. The pizza combinations are endless!


1 whole pizza





As compared to 2 slices of Pizza Hut Supreme Pan Pizza






  1. Mark,

    Did you invest in "Kettlebells From The Ground Up?" Great TGU manual set from Gray Cook, Dr. Mark Cheng and Brett Jones.


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