Friday, November 21, 2008

Kettlebell Bootcamp #18-Another Snatch Day

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! If you ask me I would term today's bootcamp is "get your ass kicked by the kettlebell snatch Friday". Dave was back from his travels and we spent the whole session practicing the snatch technique from the single arm kettlebell swing, to the "snatch pull" (as Dave termed it), then to the last part being the end of the snatch position.

We practiced by:
  • single arm swings 2x5 each side
  • single arm snatch pulls 2x5 each side
  • swing, to snatch pull, to snatch (then repeated full snatches x5 each side)
  • snatches 1x5 (with a hold at the top anywhere from 5 sec - 20 sec)
  • Lastly we did a snatch interval where we did 7 minutes of either continuous snatches, holds at the top of the snatch position, or swings. Our goal was to never drop or set down the kettlebell.

40 minutes later we were beat and the Heart Rate Monitor read 500 calories. Awesome day!

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