Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kettlebell Bootcamp #14 (learned to clean)

We had an awesome night tonight at bootcamp.  Unforgettable actually.  Nik and I walked in to greet Dave and he told us: "you want the good news or the bad".  "the bad news is, its just you two and me for bootcamp tonight, the good news's just you two and me for bootcamp tonight".  He turned our bootcamp into a terrific education section, then kicked our ass at the end.

  • warmed up with "the pump" - about 5-8 times
  • had us squat as low as we could go, then he had me lie on my back and made me mimic a squat while he put resistance on the top of my feet, then we had to squat again and work on "pulling ourselves deeper and deeper into the squat
  • then put us in this god awful frog like position that made me think I was going to pop my hip joint right out of socket, then had me sink deeper and deeper, push knees in, then push knees out.  It was awful.... Until I got back up and squatted probably 2 more inches deeper and my butt got lower than my knees.  Then we did a few goblet squats to reinforce our new range we achieved by improving our hip mobility.  Then did a few KB  swings, I could not believe how "cleaner" my swings felt.
  • Then Dave asked us: "what do you want to learn today?"  See, this is why he is the #1 rated RKC instructor by  We both were not sure what to do next, he then spent the next 20 minutes teaching us how to clean a kettlebell.  I was perplexed by how hard it was for us to learn, but did feel a lot better about my clean by the end of working with Dave.  
  • Then it was ass kicking time (literally).  We did kettlebell swings for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest for 10 rounds.  All in all we learned so much in one session and also burned almost 400 calories in just 10 minutes of work.  Amazing.  I am really glad that everyone showed up for the 5:30 time and not the 6:30 so Nik and I got to have Dave all to ourselves.  Again I am still amazed about how much I learned and how much performing kettlebell exercises can promote using your stabilizers better than any dumbbell or crappy machine exercise.  Every bootcamp session I learn something new that I can apply in my job in rehabilitation.
  • Dave was also so gracious as to stick around and talk to us about our goals for becoming RKC certified and felt that he could have us ready by April.  Financially we are shooting for late summer and early fall.  

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