Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification

1. You will understand why mastery of the kettlebell swing is fundamental to high-level Hard Style practice
  • like you didn't already know that!
  • the universe revolves around the kb swing/deadlift

2. You will develop deep understanding of the true benefits of kettlebell training—for both yourself and your clients
  • discover the benefits that I have found and no where else
  • you will find a deep appreciation for the SYSTEM and the kettlebell is a tool to help enhance teaching the system!

3. How to train hip extension for back and knee health and athletic performance
  • train and teach others how to live pain free by waking up the glutes!

4. How to employ bracing and neutral spine—for injury prevention, enhanced performance and optimal transmission of force
  • understanding tension and how to optimally use your core musculature! No more crunches!

5. How to recruit the lat as a "core muscle" to improve the spine safety and glute strength
  • Train the lats, glutes and trunk stabilizers to work the way they were suppossed to, together!

6. How to increase power with the biomechanical breathing match
  • proper breathing is one of the most common mistakes seen with people who suffer from poor strength, muscular imbalances and pain

7. Learn how to perform the kettlebell swing, turkish get up, goblet squat

  • Not only the technique but the HKC provides you the exercise benefits, technique, teaching progression, and remedial drills to help improve your technique as well as the people you train

8. Ten program design tools for an unlimited variety of effective kettlebell workouts are provided in your HKC manual:

  • Rep Ladders
  • Weight Ladders
  • Time Ladders
  • Breathing Ladders
  • Reverse Ladders
  • Drop Sets
  • Super Sets
  • Timed Sets
  • Series
  • Active Recovery Exercises

9. Your registration fee counts towards an upcoming Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification

10. Join the brother/sisterhood! You will be joining a team of over 1000 HKC& RKC’s!
  • Discounts on kettlebells and items
  • Forum membership to speak with other HKC’s/RKC’s about training, starting a business and other items

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