Friday, October 16, 2009

Ladder Training

Been getting back into the swing of things this week. Beginning my valley to work into peaking on my pressing.

Had a little set back a few weeks ago when my neck acted up on me. Just my body was telling me to back off and do things right. I normally press a 24kg for sets, my personal best is pressing a 36kg each side x1.

This week I am pressing a 20kg. Today did 4 ladders of 5 reps. Goes a little something like this for people who are not familar with ladders.

20kg clean and press

1 rep each side, rest

2 reps each side, rest

3 reps each side, rest

4 reps each side, rest

5 reps each side, rest

rest and repeat for 4 rounds

The beautiful thing about ladders is that you can add much more load than you would with higher reps. This means many things. Better strength gains, less chance of bulking up (if you are a lady), more appropriate muscle action (in my experience, you go over 8 reps and you tend to lose your concentration and can cheat more, setting you up for injury).

I hardly ever go over 5 reps with my training or training my clients unless we are doing explosive lifts like swings and snatches.

Look at it this way: 4 ladders of 5 allows me to lift a heavier weight. it equals to lifting 2,640 pounds each arm If i did the regular 3x10 deal, I would have used a 16kg and the total lift would be only 1,050 pounds per arm.

More efficient, better technique, better results. Try using ladders with your combination lifts that require you use your whole body such as squats, push ups, and deadlifts. For more information on ladders check out the book. Enter the Kettlebell

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