Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday workout

It's been a while since I've posted something, so I thought I better get to doing it more often:)  Every Sunday Mark and I have this kettlebell workout that we like to do. I actually found it on the dragon door forum and it's a workout that Tracey Reifkind did and from what I read she lost over 100 pounds, so I know I'm going to keep trying her workout!  All in all the workout takes us about 1/2 hour or so, so not too bad.  It was extremely nice out today in Nashville, so we went to the park to do our workout.  Definitely beats doing it in our tiny apartment living room:)

The workout has seven different sets in it.  So I do a set then while I rest Mark goes, then we switch back.  Today Mark was so happy cause lil' red came in the mail, so he had his 24kg and my goalswas to use a 16 kg for the whole thing (I'm usually alternating between a 12kg and 16kg for the most part).  

Here's the workout:
1)  20 one arm swings, switch (without putting the bell down) then 20 with the other arm.

2) 10 one are swings, switch, 10 one arm swings other arm, then alternating one swing left and then one swing right for a total of 40 swings (or 20 each side).

3) 1 left one are swing, switch, 1 right one arm swing, keep alternating for a total of 60 swings or 30 each arm.
4) Swing, clean and press 10 times L side, switch, swing, clean and press 10 times right side

5) Swing, clean and press 1 time L side, switch, swing, clean and press 1 times R side, switch, do 20 total or 10 each side.
6) Swing, snatch 10 times L side, switch, swing, snatch 10 times R side.
7) Swing, snatch 1 time L side, switch, swing, snatch 1 time R side, then keep alternating for a total of 10 times each side or 20 times total.

So there you have it! It may be a little different then what Tracey had been doing, but that's where our concept came from.  We've been doing it for a few weeks now.  I did use the 16kg for the majority of the workout.  I did have to use the 12 kg on the presses when I did the 10 continuous on the right side. I did 5 with a 12, 5 with a 16, other than that, 16 all the way, so I was pretty excited about that!  My hands are pretty torn up--I'm just now learning how to take care of them a little better.  Mark taped them all up for me- I feel like Rocky right now with all this tape on my hands, but it'll keep me from further injuring them!

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