Sunday, February 22, 2009

Reaching Goals

Nikki here.  Mark and I have been doing this challenge since January for our kettlebell bootcamp.  There a few steps that we need to follow each week and we get points for doing these steps.  Well, I have been following this plan to a T. I eat 5-6 meals a day, each meal includes a veggie and a protein and the majority of my meals have been pretty healthy.  I've never eaten so many veggies in my life!!  I work out in class 3 days a week and do other workouts on my own.  I also have been keeping a food diary- something that I have never stuck to before--and it's been 2 months!  

After about the first 2 weeks, I weighed in and was down 3 pounds. I was so excited!  Well, the excitement hasn't lasted because I've been up and down every since.  So this last week I tried to tweak a few things in my diet, so when I weigh in tomorrow we'll see how it goes.  One thing that I have to keep reminding myself so I don't get discouraged is to not worry so much about the numbers on the scale but think about more how I feel and look at myself.  Since we are doing kettlebell training I'm doing a lot more weight training type of exercises than I ever have been and I can definitely tell the difference in my body.  So the scale may not be moving very much, but my body is definitely toning up, so for me that is an accomplishment.  

I know a lot of people (especially women) get hung up by what the number says on the scale.  One way that I am measuring my weight loss success is shopping and trying on clothes! I haven't been shopping a lot since we started this contest, so I thought I'd give it a try.  I went to the mall yesterday and as long as I can remember I've been in between two sizes, erring on the higher size.  Well, I tried on a pair of jeans in my lower of the two sizes and they were way too big! I was really excited.  So I had to go down a size.  I haven't been that size since I was probably 14 years old.  So the numbers on the scale may not be dropping as much as I'd like, but I guess if my clothes are fitting better that I know I'm reaching my goals!  We have 6 weeks left of the contest, so I'm excited where we end up.  

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