Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tissue Quality and Trigger Points

Does everyone know about trigger points? A trigger point is a "knot' of muscular tissue that exists within muscles. Gray Cook states that "it is a small area or section in the muscle that acts differently from the rest of the muscle". A trigger point is unusually sensitive to pressure in that it pinches or burns. (Everyone knows the accustommed "knots" we have in our neck and traps=trigger points.

These trigger points are sensitive little creatures that show up when there is dysfunction present within the tissue. A weak muscle, tight muscle or an overworked muscle can all have trigger points. It can be to an underused muscle, overused muscle or a muscle that has been used to compensate for another muscle that is not working correctly. These trigger points can even refer pain to other areas of the body. The important point is that a trigger point is a warning sign for problems to come.

So how do we get rid of a trigger points? Just stretch? Not necessarily. If you stretch a muscle with a trigger point in it, it does not necessarily relieve the trigger point and might even make it worse. What you need to do is call myofascial release. That can be used in the form of a massage stick, foam roller or if you are rich a massage.

Once the trigger point has been relieved, then you need to stretch, strengthen and train. Those particular muscles. If you have questions, click on the links with the pictures and more information will be provided about the massage stick(right) and foam roller(above).

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